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All of our classes specifically designed to be age appropriate, fun, interactive, and appropriately
challenging to push dancers beyond their comfort zones towards growth.

2018-2019 Class Schedule

→ Tutus and Tiaras

This is our level 1 class for dancers ages 2-4. These 45 minute combo classes teach ballet and tap basics to get your little one started off on the right foot!

→ Broadway Babies

This combo class is specially targeted for dancers ages 3-4 years old. We start to introduce more complex steps in a fun class your growing dancer is sure to love.

→ Twist, Tap, and Twirl

Twist, Tap, and Twirl is a high energy combo class for our 5-6 year old dancers! Here dancers complete their foundational dance training and fully prepare for the next level.

→ Take Flight

In our Take Flight level we focus on dancers 6-8 years of age. At this level we emphasize the technical precision needed to excel as dancers continue their dance training in our program. We encourage dancers at this level not only to pay close attention to their technique but spark their thought processes by explaining to them the whys behind the technique. This begins to give dancers a greater understanding behind why they train the way they do, and the benefits that their hard work will produce.

→ Jazz

Our fun jazz classes help dancers improve flexibility, strength, rhythm, and balance. These upbeat classes are always set to age appropriate movement and music.

→ Broadway Bound

This Jazz class is all about Broadway themes. Explore the world of musical theatre and strengthen your performance quality in these engaging sessions!

→ Contemporary

These classes introduce more complex choreography and require dancers not only to dance with their feet, but with their heart! Contemporary requires strong ballet technique so you will often see that ballet is a prerequisite when enrolling in a contemporary dance class.

→ Ballet

Ballet is one of the most challenging and satisfying classes we offer. Precise Vaganova technique creates a strong foundation for all other dance forms. These classes teach proper body alignment, placement, balance, and poise. If you want to be a great dancer make sure you’re getting enough ballet!

→ Pointe/Pre Pointe

Take your ballet training to the next level! Learn how to get up onto your toes and perfect your technique. Teacher approval is required!

→ Tap

Creating rhythms and sounds, tap dancing is truly unique. Tappers develop musicality, rhythm, quick thinking, and the ability to “hear” music. This upbeat, high energy dance form is loved by students of all ages!

→ Pump It Up/Hip Hop

Who doesn’t love hip hop? Learn some of the coolest new moves to the hottest (age appropriate) music. This fun class improves rhythm, and coordination. And it’s fun, fun, fun!!!